Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kenbo Vegetarian Rendang cooking step

Ever Try Vegetarian Rendang before ? Here's an simple step to cook the famous gourmet in Malaysia and Singapore .
Ingredient needed : Coconut shreds ,Potato,any vegetarian meat as desire ,normaly we will use vegetarian mutton,Coconut cream(any brand ),water and of course 1 packet of our Kenbo rendang sauce
First of all we have to prepare our coconut shreds (Fine or corse ),it's can be brought from wet market,supermarket or if you can find ready fried coconut shreds it could be best and you can skip this step.
Pour all coconut shreds into flying pans ,with small heat keep stirring
to avoid burn till it turn golden brown.
Once it turn golden brown ,an sweet coconut aroma will be sense.
Once it ready it can be place on bowl for for the second step ,any extra coconut shreds can be keep in seal container in fridge to be use again .
Our Simple ingredient : Vegetarian meat ( mutton ) peel and chop potato,coconut cream ( any brand around 200g ) 1 packet Kenbo rendang paste.

First heat up a pot with some cooking oil ,once heat up, fried potato using medium heat till cook.
Once potato is cook , add in vegetarian meat and mix
Remember to keep stirring to avoid burn
Add 1 packet of Kenbo Rendang to mixture when everything is well cook.
Lower the heat .Well mix and stir the mixture ,add some water  to wet the mixture  .
Stir and mix the mixture
Next coconut cream to be add in ,you can add more coconut cream if you like to have more sauce .
or for better health concern, full cream milk can be use to replace coconut cream.
Well mix and stir,you will see now an creamy, fragrance,well aroma gourmet coming to the last cooking step.
Lastly add in the golden coconut shred ,as desire ,coconut shreds will tends to a absorb the gravy ,so if you like it to have more sauce,add lesser coconut shreds.Well stir.
Finally it cook and enjoy while it's hot.
Rendang is best to go with Nasi briyani ( Indian spices rice )You can cook with ease with Kenbo Nasi Briyani mix, Nasi Lemak ( Coconut Rice ) or even white rice .An packet of paste is ready for at least
3 to 4 serving .

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to cook Satay Sauce ( Kenbo Satay Sauce Powder )

There's a lot enquiry on how to use our Kenbo satay sauce ,So we will show step of preparing the sauces .
This is extremely easy to prepare for a perfect meal .Easy and fast in just 5 minutes.
Get fresh ,No preservative
Here we go :Pour a packet of Kenbo Satay Sauce Powder into pot.
Ingredient needed : 200g water to 120g powder and some cooking oil around 30g.You may choose not to add cooking oil for a better healthy meal .
You may add coconut cream with parts of water to have a more creamy and fragrance sauce .
 Pour cooking oil to powder.
Add water to mixture
Using low flame ,stir and mix evenly the mixture.Mixture will tends to be thicken once boil.
Keep stiring to prevent burn .Once thicken ,it's ready ....
OH Yes's ready .It's may be use for cooking base sauce or just dipping ,
some use for sandwich filling .
Some suggestion of what satay sauce can be use for ,
- Vegetarian satay dipping sauce
-Toufu goreng Sauce ,Deep fried Toufu top with some thin slice cumuber,pour satay sauce as topping sauce and it's ready.
- Gado Gado ,Indonesia famous salad ,recipe may found in web.
-Satay Bee hoon ,An famous dish in malaysia and singapore ,recipe may found in web
- Sandwich or bread filling
- Stir fried Vegetable
and more ....creative gourmet you may think of ...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now our products can be find in supermarket :
- Seng Siong Suppermarket
- Mustafa Supermarket
- Yue Hwa Chinese products supermarket
- Ang Mo Supermarket
And most of the vegetarian shop in Singapore

So getting our products will be easier.
Thanks to all our supporter for the support ,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Vegan and vegetarian logo

Our new Vegan & Vegetarian logo :              

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vege Mee Siam Paste

Vege Special Mee Siam Paste
Thailand Fried beehoon (Rice Vermicelli) ,Spicy and sour
An common dish in Malaysia and Singapore .
Ready mix ,all you need is just beehoon ( Rice vermicelli) ,
bean spout and 1 packet of paste .
Cooking step :
1)Soften Beehoon with water
2) Add Beehoon into frying pan with some water and 1 packet of paste
3) Add bean spout and stir fried evenly
4) Allow gravy to be absorb and serve hot.

NO egg , milk ,onion ,garlic

Available in retail and catering sizes ( 1kg )

Vege Special Green Curry Paste

Vege Special Green Curry Paste
Original from Thailand .An famous curry that everyone love in Singapore and Malaysia.
Instant and ready mix ,just add your favourite ingredient : Vegetable ,vege mutton ,vege chicken dices,potato , and coconut milk allow some time to boil and serve hot.

NO egg , milk , onion ,garlic

Available in retail and catering sizes ( 1Kg)

Vege Special Nasi Briyani ( Spices Rices) Mix

Vege Special Nasi Briyani ( Spices Rice) Mix
also known as Turmeric Rice .Original from India ,fragrance and tasty from spices .

Simple to cook ,just add a packet of paste to rice,
 mix well and allow to cook ,best with long grain rice .
Contain NO  garlic ,onion ,milk ,egg  .
Best Go with Vegetarian Rendang and Vegetarian Curry .

Available in retail and catering sizes ( 1Kg )